10 Thanksgiving Foods That Are Toxic For Your Dog.

For those of us dog-lovers, it only takes one glance from those puppy dog eyes, and we are compelled to share our delicious “human food.” We love our dogs and our dogs love food. While there are many foods this time of year that are safe and healthy to share with your dog, there are also many that are extremely toxic for our fur-kids.  

5 Foods That Are Safe To Share With Your Dog This Season

  Happy Thanksgiving. We are all thankful for the love, loyalty and companionship our dog gives us; we want to keep them safe. There are many dangerous foods that are commonly served during the holiday season. See our list of “10 THANKSGIVING FOODS THAT ARE TOXIC FOR YOUR DOG“… There are also several that are healthy for your dog! We spend so much time creating

10 Foods You Should Be Feeding Your Dog

I am a Portlander, and I love food. Big shock right? In a city full of foodies, where a New Seasons or Whole Foods adorns every corner, we place a high value on quality meals. We have outstanding restaurants serving cuisine from all over the world. I get a lot of enjoyment out of trying a new dish, with new flavors and textures. We place

Rusty + Scarlett

If you haven’t read Rusty’s story, you  might be surprised to learn that fear used to rule his life. Not anymore! Now he is helping other dogs kick fear and anxiety in the booty. When he’s not playing at the dog park, lounging around the house, watching Air Bud, or posing for photos, Rusty volunteers with a local Animal Rescue, helping in the rehabilitation of other

Our Story.

Meet Rusty, the inspiration behind rustyrodas.com. He has an inspiring story of restoration, and the power of love and patience. He was abandoned at an Oregon state park, captured in a trap, and locked up in the shelter for many weeks. Family after family saw his photo online and applied for adoption, but sadly after they met him they would change their minds. He didn’t