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If you haven’t read Rusty’s story, you  might be surprised to learn that fear used to rule his life. Not anymore! Now he is helping other dogs kick fear and anxiety in the booty.

When he’s not playing at the dog park, lounging around the house, watching Air Bud, or posing for photos, Rusty volunteers with a local Animal Rescue, helping in the rehabilitation of other dogs.

He has been involved in the rehabilitation of a sweet rescue pup named Scarlett. Scarlett was thrown away like garbage, literally falling out of a garbage truck at the dump she had to forage and hunt for food, fight off coyote attacks, and brave the harsh weather. She is one tough dog.  Scarlett was brought into the NWAC Rescue where she is being loved, trained, and rehabilitated into a family dog.

From the first day Scarlett came into rescue, Rusty has been observing her, communicating, and showing her that it is okay to trust him. The very first time they met, Rusty ran up to say hi. He recognized her fear and stopped within 15 feet of her. He looked away as if to say “I am not a threat.” He ran over and picked up a dog toy, slowly brought it back to Scarlett, laid it at her feet, then nonchalantly walked away. It was really amazing to watch them communicate. From then on they were pals. Rusty became more and more playful with her, and her countenance changed from fear to acceptance.

Scarlett has come a long way. A dog that would hide under the bushes trying to disappear, now runs to the front door when you get home, so excited to see you. Tail wagging, mouth open, tongue hanging, jumping around for attention; she is a happy girl. She has been to the dog park several times. She walks happily on a leash, and has become “one of the pack”.

Rusty and Scarlett hang out at least once a week, and she often shows up in his Instagram feed. You can see more photos of Scarlett by following her on Instagram @Scarlett_The_Sweet.



Do you have an encouraging rescue or rehabilitation story? We would love to hear it!

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